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Light and Darkness
Chapter Seven
The shadows breed endless horrors; the hordes of demons will consume all.

The cloaked one stood above the thousands strong force he had assembled. Hulking bear-like beasts, agile clawed horrors, winged and fanged fallen angels. This horde would cut a path to the heart of the realm of light and he would have his revenge.

With an echoing command the beasts and demons and horrors began the long and deadly march to vengeance.

Kim was slowly stroking her girlfriend’s hair. The thief was still unconscious after three hours. Her breathing was slow and her eyes were darting back and forth beneath her eyes. She must be having a nightmare.

Blinding light! It burnt her so badly, her powers kept healing her over and over; sending her into endless pain.

The blinding Light will lay all secrets bare.

The thief’s mind would break soon and she would be able to remake her into a perfect hero, a hero who would never love another woman; that would be proof enough that this was a world of Light and she would begin reshaping it to perfection.

The angel’s thoughts were lost as a deafening explosion echoed through her castle. That vile shadow! He must have struck at her!

Through the window of her keep she saw a sight that would strike terror into the heart of even the bravest warrior; there was a breach in the castle wall and through it poured hundreds upon hundreds of demons. She drew her shining blade and leapt from her window to lead her army in the defense.

Crippling the mind of the thief would have to wait.

The pain in her mind stopped and she could feel a gentle hand stroking her. Kimmie?

The teen’s heart leapt in her chest as she saw the older woman’s eyes open slowly and a trace of a smirk finding its way across her lips.

“Miss me Pumpkin?” asked Shego weakly.

For Kim it was as if someone had let loose all the sadness and fear that she had kept bottled up deep down inside. With tears welling in her eyes Kim let her head fall and rest on the thief’s shoulder.

“Don’t ever do that to me again Shego!” sobbed Kim with a trace of anger in her voice, “I was scared that I lost you…”

Shego was stunned; the great Kim Possible was here crying into her shoulder because she didn’t want to lose her. Kim looked so vulnerable with her face on Shego’s shoulder, was this really the same girl that had beaten Shego over and over?

“Kimmie…stop crying, I’m still here and I’m not going anywhere ever,” whispered Shego. “I love you too much to die.”

Those words only made Kim cry harder into her girlfriend’s shoulder.

Across the city a villain was furious. How? How could five hunter bots lose to one person?! In his anger Zorpox lifted his newest laser and blasted a hole clean through the surviving bot.

“Some one’s a little touchy today,” was the condescending remark that Monique gave.

“Touchy? Touchy?! I just lost five hunter bots to a sidekick!” screamed the angry Zorpox, who sounded like a monkey on drugs.

“You would have only lost four if you could keep your temper down Zorpie,” replied Monique in a cute voice.

Zorpox’s eye twitched at the sound of Monique’s new pet name for him. She was so infuriating sometimes… he loved that.

Monique was shocked when evil Ron threw her over his shoulder and carried her into another room.

As per their programming all bots in the lair disabled their audio sensors.

Shego was hurt pretty badly from the fight and she knew it. She also knew that there wasn’t a doctor in the world that would treat her without turning her into the police.

Kim knew all that as well but she did know one doctor that would help… if she didn’t ground Kim for dating an older woman first.

“Um… Shego I might know someone that could help you…” said Kim with a great deal of doubt in her voice and fear in her eyes.

“Kimmie, I’m fine,” Shego tried to lift herself up off the couch to prove this only for her arms to wobble under her and she fell back down.

“You’re not fine Shego… I’m going to call my mom…” Shego could hear the fear in the teen’s voice. Why was she so scared to call her mother… unless…

“Kimmie, are your parents against… you know, same sex couples?” Shego was afraid she already knew the answer.

Kim nodded and Shego’s heart fell. How could they be together if Kim’s parents didn’t like ‘their type’?

“Shego… I want to be with you… even if my parents won’t let us,” said Kim sadly. “I love you.”

The thief couldn’t believe her ears; was the teen heroine saying she’d go against her parents to be with her? Maybe she should tell Kim her big secret.

“Princess this is my apartment,” it wasn’t until she said it that Shego realized how stupid that sounded.

“I know Shego,” replied Kim, rolling her eyes she thought to herself how stupid her girlfriend sounded.

“I meant that I own this place… the whole building,” Shego felt a lump in her throat as she got ready to ask a big question. “If your parents disown you or something you could live here…” Did she just ask Kim to move in with her?

“Did you just ask me to move in with you?” Kim asked a nodding Shego. “That’s really sweet Shego but why would my parents disown me just for being a lesbian? They may be against it but they love me, I don’t think any parents in the world could do that to their child.”

“Mine did…” and suddenly a great deal of the mystery around Shego vanished. Her parents had kicked her out of their house, had made everyone Shego knew shun her and had forced her to use her powers to steal just to stay alive.

“Shego…” Kim’s voice sounded so sad to the thief as the teen threw her arms around her.

The pair sat and laid there on the couch in each others arms; unspoken feelings flowing freely between the two.

Mrs. Possible returned home with the rest of the Possible family from church. Now that she wasn’t enraptured by the sermons of the local priest she wondered where Kim had gone to this morning, she knew her daughter wasn’t a catholic like the rest of the Possibles but she did wish that her daughter would at least come to one sermon…

Kim gently pulled herself from Shego’s arms; the former hero had fallen asleep as the two had cuddled. The teen had never known Shego to fall asleep from exhaustion before and Kim knew that it couldn’t be a good sign.

Sighing to herself Kim picked up the phone and dialed home. This was not going to end well…

“Hello, Possible residence,” answered Mrs. Possible after a single ring; Kim had been hoping for a little more mental prep time.

“Hey Mom, it’s Kim… a little while ago my…” Kim hesitated. Why couldn’t she say the word girlfriend? “Friend… got hurt and I need your help Mom.” Damn it Kim… why couldn’t you say it?

Mrs. Possible was a little confused but agreed and after Kim had thoroughly convinced her that the hospital wasn’t an option she packed a kit and sped off to Shego’s apartment. Why did her Kimmie-cub sound so nervous?

Kim began freaking out. What was her mother going to think if Shego said something? Or what if she accidentally said something? Calm down, you can do anything… you can do anything. Kim slowly repeated those four words in her head over and over.

The thief slowly woke up and the first thing she noticed was that Kim wasn’t in her arms anymore. Her Princess was pacing the room like someone about to face an interrogator. Both problems had to be solved.

Kim heard the door bell buzz and quickly let her mother in, better to get it over and done with. The teen walked over and unlocked the door; she’d told her Mom that it would be open and she didn’t want to mess anything up right now. She started pacing again.

Now was her chance, as Kim came closer Shego used what little strength she had to push herself off the couch just enough to grab her Pumpkin and pull her back down with her. Never one to miss an advantage Shego pulled Kim into a passionate kiss.

Mrs. Possible quickly opened the door and dropped her bag in horror at the sight before her.

Within the first second of the kiss Kim had given in; this was so right. Kim heard the bag drop behind her, she heard the gasp and she even heard her name being screamed but she didn’t stop. She was in heaven.

Kim’s mother was in the room and Shego didn’t care… or at least she didn’t until the doctor pulled Kimmie away from her.

“Hey! That’s my girlfriend!” Shego shouted angrily at the shocked and appalled mother.

“Not anymore you hell bound monster!” Kim’s mother started pulling the teen away roughly and Shego could see the sorrow filling Kim’s eyes.

Still to weak from the fight to put up any sort of resistance all Shego could do was reach out and scream.


The teen barely heard her pet name being shouted, she was barely aware that her mother had dragged her out to the car and was lecturing her about something. All she could think about was the fact that this day was going from bad to worse. Her mother hadn’t even helped Shego…

The image of her beautiful thief girlfriend lying on the couch weak and in pain stirred something in Kim, something primal. The young girl grabbed the hand brake and pulled on it hard, forcing the car to a sudden stop. She didn’t even hesitate as she freed herself from the seatbelt and started to get out.

“Kimberly Ann Possible! If you get out of this car and go back to that green skinned devil woman your father and I WILL disown you!” Her mother screamed and Kim didn’t hesitate to reply.

“Then disown me! I don’t care what you do as long as I get to be with Shego! I love her and I always will and if you’re too closed minded to see that then I don’t want to be your daughter!” Kim screamed back as she quickly got out of her mother’s, no… as she got out of Mrs. Possible’s car and started running back to the woman she loved more dearly then any other person on earth.

She didn’t know it but in doing that rebellious act she had saved her family’s lives.

Main target has fallen out with her blood relatives, Possible family are no longer valid targets for attack, new targets must be found.

The five hunter bot team that had been told to attack Mrs. Possible and kill her in front of her beloved daughter’s eyes departed and began filling their report. Attacks on blood relatives would not yield emotional damage in main target.
Chapter seven of my first Kigo fic, i hate writing at school but if i want to get this done then i have to! for the sake of Kigo!

I own nothing of Kim Possible and if i did guess who i would have had declare their love for Kim instead of Ron
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luv this!!!! :thumb67848573:
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I have been following this fan fic from the beginning, and all I can say is....YOU ROCK! I can't wait for the next to come out, but please take your time and do good in your school work. I'll definately be waiting! Faved all of your work!
crud1991 Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2007
The fact that Kim's mother disliked the fact that Kim's a lesbian I can't see that happening.
I have a plot twist on that later
can i guess?
i say that it was the first thing that Ann thinks about even though she really didn't mean it, and even though she tries to tell Kim so, she is too far away to actually say
what you just did, as you say in the last bit, is that this just saved her, Kim's, family, right?
that is a great way of getting over the family targeting thinking, and a nice way of saving them
greta job!
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Kigo 4 life
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