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Light and Darkness
Chapter Five
Fear the fury of Darkness, all shall cower before the raging Shadow.

The horrors of the void fled and cowered and died. The cloaked one’s fury brought death and madness to the weak, anger and bloodlust in the strong.

“She will rue this day!” His cry echoed through the emptiness and the weak fell dead; their souls torn from their bodies. His anger would raise an army and with it he would storm the home of Light and make her suffer for what she did!

“Possible must pay…” Zorpox muttered to himself as he returned to the Stoppable residence. “She will pay, I will tear away everything she loves, everything she cares about and then when she knows true sorrow I will end her!”

‘Is that enough?’ Echoed an ethereal voice in his mind.

Was it enough? How many times had he saved the world? How many times had reporters pushed him away to talk to Possible? The world never thanked him and the people he helped rescue never thanked him. No one ever thanked him! The world had to pay as well. The world would burn for what it had done to him.

She kissed Shego, she kissed Shego, she kissed Shego, she kissed Shego! Kim couldn’t stop thinking that as she laid on her bed and replayed the last moment of their…what could she call it? It wasn’t going out with a friend, it hadn’t been a dinner between rivals, so it had to have been a….date. She’d gone on her first date with Shego and she’d enjoyed every moment of it!

Then it hit her; what would her parents think? What would her friends think? Oh God! What would Ron think?! Kim had just kissed someone other then her boyfriend and it was a girl to top it off! She had just cheated on Ron with Shego and a part of her knew that she would do it again. There was a part of her that wanted to just forget about Ron, forget about everything and just be with Shego.

Kim wouldn’t realize it, but her life had just changed forever.

Shego was taking it very differently then Kim; Shego was on her roof blasting plasma up into the night sky in a mock firework show. A pulse at just the right moment and her latest blast erupted into the shape of a heart and she did it over and over, showing the world that she had finally shown Kimmie how much she loved her.

The thief was beyond ecstatic; she kissed Kimmie! She never wanted to forget this night. Everything was perfect. At the last moment of their date the older woman had seen something in Kim’s eyes; it was a look half way between love and curiosity with something else lurking behind and she knew that that look meant Kim would come back to her. Soon. Shego could only dream about what would happen then.

She wanted the world to know how she felt. The glow of her hands brightened and she loosed a blast that could be seen throughout Middleton.

The teen stared out her window in amazement. High above where she knew Shego’s apartment was an image was burnt into the sky.

The entire city looked up in wonder. Glowing in the sky was a green heart with the letters ‘K+S’ glowing brighter inside.

Kim couldn’t believe it. That was just what she needed, someone she knew was bound to notice and understand it. The teen’s relationship with the dark haired woman had likely just been revealed to everyone she knew.

The thief knew that Kim would be mad at her. That was part of the fun, Kim might even attack her. Shego loved fighting Kimmie even if she could never bring herself to really fight the red headed beauty she still loved it. It was a thrill fighting someone that could beat her, even if it was only when Shego was holding back.

As she went back inside Shego wondered if it had been a good idea to let off a blast of plasma so large; she couldn’t have told every Global Justice unit in the world where she was better unless she’d gone up and slapped Dr. Director in the face. Shego waved it off, Betty knew better then to attack her; she could level the whole GJ network with one hand behind her back.

In her office Dr. Director knew that and sent out a memo for all GJ units to stay at least two hundred miles from those coordinates; that size of blast either meant Shego was fighting someone else who was tough enough to destroy GJ or she was having a very good day. Both circumstances were truly unsettling.

The night past peacefully for the super powered criminal while the teenage hero dreamt of her revenge. It involved handcuffs but no police.

The second that Shego woke up she leapt from her bed and started getting things ready, she figured she had about twenty minutes before her Princess kicked her door down and tried to kill her. Shego smiled and hurried.

The second that Kim woke up she leapt from her bed and started getting ready, she knew that it would be twenty minutes before she could kick Shego’s door down and beat the plasma straight out of her!

The teen hit the road and took every shortcut she could think of to cut time off her drive.

The thief put the finishing touches on her trap and went back into her room.

Kim ran up to her former arch foe’s apartment building’s door and was stunned for a brief second when it swung open before she even pressed the buzzer. As Ron would say, this felt trappish. Kim did what she always did in the face of a trap, she ran straight into it.

“Pumpkin, the door’s open.” Kim heard Shego say as she came up to the door. Trappish. Kim went inside slowly expecting to be hit at anytime.

The room was dark and Kim couldn’t see the nose in front of her face. The worst part was the fact that the super power endowed thief could likely see everything.

She could see everything and Shego took full advantage of her night vision by closing and locking the door behind Kimmie. She heard her red head gasp, she was probably wondering how she got behind her. Shego was the world’s greatest thief; she even once snuck into Global Justice just to steal Dr. Director’s lunch, getting around a night visionless teenager was almost too easy.

Kim could feel Shego’s breath on the back of her neck as the older woman grabbed her arms. Kim felt helpless; Shego had her just where she wanted her and Kim had no idea what would happen to her. She felt so…alive. Kim couldn’t explain why but she got a rush from being helpless before Shego.

“You’re trembling Kimmie,” Whispered Shego into Kim’s ear. “You’re not afraid of me are you?”

Kim couldn’t help it. This was so exciting for her; the loss of power, the feeling of helplessness and most of all knowing that it was Shego that had control.

Shego knew she was doing something to Kim and it sure wasn’t fear that was making her Princess tremble like that. With the slow grace of a cat she blindfolded the teen and led her through the dark to her bed and laid Kim down on it.

“Don’t you dare take that blindfold off and if you move…” Kim could almost hear Shego smirking. “You’ll regret it Princess.”

Kim did just as she was told and laid there with her hands in her lap. Why had she let Shego do this to her? She was blindfolded and helpless. On Shego’s bed of all places! What was she going to do to her?

Kim shivered in expectation and she had no idea why.

Shego just stared at Kim in shock. She was listening to her commands. She had expected Kim to yell something dramatic and jump on her but her Pumpkin was just laying there.

Smiling to herself Shego got to work.

About a minute after Shego had ordered her to stay still and Kim was getting antsy; why didn’t Shego just do whatever she was going to do already? Kim’s silent prayer was answered when she felt a slight weight in her lap and heard a sultry voice in her ear.

“You can take it off Princess.” Kim was half worried about what Shego meant and slowly lifted her arms. “Still nervous Kimmie?” and with that Shego lifted the blindfold off.

Kim had no idea why she was so disappointed when all she saw in her lap was a beautifully made breakfast of many different fruits.

Written in pieces of apple, strawberry and banana were the words that Shego had wanted to tell Kim for so long.

“Shego…” Kim’s big puppy dog eyes looked up at the older woman. “I love you too.”

Shego was brought to tears as she wrapped her arms around her…dare she think it? Girlfriend. She loved her so much and after years of being to afraid to say it she had finally done it and couldn’t be happier.

Kim buried her face into her…her girlfriend’s hair. Deep down she’d always wanted this; Shego was so strong, so brave and so free. Kim didn’t know why but she needed Shego now.

The two girls stayed there for hours, just feeling the love flowing between them. Neither of them ever wanted to lose what they had just found. Without a word being said they knew that their old lives had ended; Shego could never go back to evil, Kim would never attack her again. They would make a new life together. No matter what the world would say.

Monique didn’t know what had gotten into Ron; he was determined, focused and was dressed in an awesome black outfit that screamed super villain. Monique liked it. He pledged vengeance upon the world and ranted about how he would rule it. Monique liked that too; she loved the idea of ruling the world alongside Ron or Zorpox or whatever he was calling himself.

The garage of the Stoppable home had changed, Doomsday devices litter the floor, robotic warriors roamed about preparing weaponry and most imposing was a miniature torture device mounted on the wall.

Monique looked upon that same wall and there, racked with pain was a naked mole rat.

Power was attractive.
Chapter Five! this is the longest i've ever written a series and I'm gonna keep going!

I own nothing from Kim Possible!!! I wish I did...
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AllterEgo Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
I just need to say this... I am no fan of "Evil Ron"... but I like the story. :D

(Ps I am almost done with my first Kigo story)
Varmus Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2007
Mon's attracted to Evil Ron Man? Now that's something I didn't saw... And I like it |3 . I approve, I fav, I expect more very friggin' soon. :D
I hear you Lord Varmus and I obey
Unfortunately school is back on and I will have little time to write.
Varmus Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2007
Ooooh, do I know that pain. :/ Well, don't skip school in order to update more freqently, my friend. I am eternal, I will wait... some time before I'll rip your head off ;)
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