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Light and Darkness
Chapter Two
Shego stood there too stunned to move….for a whole three seconds.

“Wait! Princess!” Shego suddenly realized she has in danger, why else would Kim come to her home but to attack and arrest her? The thief hit the lockdown button and three inch thick steel descended across her apartment’s windows and door.

“This isn’t right! You don’t attack someone at home without a damn good reason!” Shego was mad! She’d never attack Kim at home! This was a low blow!

Kim looked up as she heard the sound of motors; half expecting to see a hovercraft taking off but instead she saw those shutters. The heroine wasn’t stupid.  

“Shego? I’m not here to fight.” Kim said calmly into the intercom, “I just want to talk.”

Kim thought about what she just said. There was no chance that Shego would believe that. How could she convince the villainess that she didn’t want to hurt her?

“I must be turning evil…” Kim muttered as she look up to where Shego would have hidden a camera and did something that no one deserves.

“What the hell is she doing?” Shego wondered as she stared at the unbelievably image of Kim doing her puppy dog pout.

Those huge eyes green eyes, the trembling bottom lip and the tiny tear in the edge of Kim’s eye made it impossible for Shego to resist when Kim asked; “Can I come up please Shego?”

Shego’s hands unlocked both the lockdown and the door. When Kim stopped and walked inside the only thoughts that went through Shego’s mind was: What the hell was that? Did she just brainwash me? Why hasn’t she taken over the world with that look?

Once again the doorbell buzz woke Shego from her thoughts and the super thief nearly jumped out the window when she realized that it must be Kim at the door. Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap! No time to get away, no time to lock the door, not even any time for Shego to brace herself for the first kick…which never came?

The doorbell buzzed again. “Shego? Can I come in or not?” Kim asked through the door.

“Um…” Shego muttered and thought. Get your head in the game Shego! You can’t let her see you acting all weak! Shego strode over to the door and opened it with a confident smirk. “Whenever you want to Kimmie.”

Kim gasped and out of force of habit stepped back. Kim! You’re here to talk so stop thinking that she’s going to blast you!

“Shego…I was wondering if we could talk for awhile.” Kim said sheepishly.

“About what exactly?” Shego asked as she put a hand on her hip and lent slightly on to it. Kim could have sworn she’d seen actresses do that just before trying to seduce the hero. Shego was just trying to mess with her that had to be it.

“Sort of about us.” Kim saw Shego’s eyes light up slightly when she said that. Oh no! She must think I want to change sides!

As if on cue; “Finally tired of being a good girl huh Kimmie?”

“No! I just…I just need to talk to someone who won’t judge me or pick sides just because they know me…” Kim said with a slight blush coming to her cheeks. Why was she blushing?

Why the hell was Kim blushing? “Well if you want to talk Pumpkin then talk.” Shego replied.

Kim took a deep breath.

The Light see only black and white, they see no shades of gray.

Within the shadow cast by the door of the thief’s bedroom he watched them meet, one opposite and sought out the other. This could never be a world of Light. A hero had done the unexpected. The cloaked one smiled to himself as he slipped back into the Void. In no world of Light would a hero and villain speak.

The Dark will lie and cheat and steal, believe not a word it speaks.

The shine of the window was her place. How could this happen? No hero would ever speak to a villain! She could feel her fury rising until she realized, no hero would speak to a ‘villain’. She laughed to the heavens and rose back to the Light. She couldn’t be a villain.

Kim sighed as she finished explain what she’d been thinking about for the last day and Shego was surprised, she’d always thought that the heroine had never even thought twice about doing her ‘job’. Could the teen really be having a crisis of morality? She was a little disappointed that the red head hadn’t come to reveal anything more then a moral problem.

“Princess,” Shego sighed. “They all know the risk of tangling with you; they all know the risk when they get into the game.”

“But Shego those ar~” Kim started before Shego placed a finger on her lips. A tiny blush heated Kim’s cheeks.

“Yes for the hundredth time; those are people’s homes. But think about it, how many people, people who don’t deserve to, would have lost their homes if you didn’t do what you do?”

The words of the older women would have calmed Kim’s moral crisis but…she was too focused on Shego’s finger on her lips to hear them. The world had stopped for Kim; she just wanted to stay there forever with Shego. The moment was broken as soon as Shego finished her little speech. Shego had taken her finger away.

“I guess…” said Kim, not really having taken in the speech.

“Well if you don’t have any other little problems then would you please leave so I can relax in my own home?” Shego asked with emphasis on leave.

Kim was a little hurt, “Okay…” She slowly walked away.

Shego was angry as hell with herself. Why did she have to say that? There wasn’t anything she wanted more then to be with Kim. So why did she just kick Kim out of her home?

“Shego? I just wanted to say… We don’t have to be enemies all the time.” And with those infuriating words Kim left Shego to her problems.

“Damn it Kimmie, why did you have to say that?” Shego muttered to herself. “Why did you have to make this even harder?”

Shego turned to watch the teen walk back down the street, she was so beautiful. Every time they fought Shego would lose, it wasn’t because Kim was better; it was because Shego couldn’t bring herself to really fight the girl. Shego could blast holes in steel, knock buildings down, she’d even leveled a whole city block once but she couldn’t stand the thought of hurting her Princess.

“I’ll never beat her because I….” Shego dropped on to her bed, fighting to keep the tears back. “Because I love her.”

Shego. Kim had no idea what to think of her anymore. She was rude, sarcastic and she’d made it a clear point that she was evil. Maybe a little too clear. After Kim had met ‘Miss Go’ she’d started to feel… Different. She couldn’t explain it but she couldn’t stop thinking about Shego. She loved spending time with her, they were so alike but still so different.

“Like two sides of a coin…” Kim muttered as she walked into her room and flopped down on the bed.

The older woman had been a hero once, I saver of lives and hero to the people. Then she had just turned. Kim didn’t know why, no one knew why. Only Shego knew but Kim wanted to know. She was going to find out!

Without ever realizing it Kim Possible had gotten a new mission. An impossible mission; get Shego to talk to her again.

That night two women were lying on there beds thinking about each other. Why did she have to do that? Why did she have to make this so hard?

Look into the Dark, you cannot know what lies before you. A place of Darkness is a place of possibility.

Sleep, dreams, the night, these things are mine, thought the cloaked one. With these I will prove this world is Dark. He slipped through the shadows seeking the opposites; in their sleep he would find them and in sleep he would prove the Dark.

Kim’s dream started as many of them usually did; she was in cheer practice performing moves that only she could.

Shego’s dream was just like so many before them; unbeatable laser grids, priceless gems and impossibly tight security. Just the way Shego liked it.

Kim sprang from the practice trampoline and shot through the ceiling into a dark place. This didn’t normally happen.

As Shego dropped through the vent she never felt her feet touch the ground. What was going on?

Kim landed on a platform made of pure black stone and Shego fell down and landed softly in front of her. Both stared into each others eyes and thought the exact same thing. I’m dreaming about her now too?

“The world will be what they make it, if they wish to fight they will fight but if they wish to do something more…they will do it.” Spoke an eerie voice that spoke of endless nothing.

Neither girl heard this; they were lost in each other’s eyes. Kim saw a shell of hardness but beneath it she saw something else, something more. Shego saw an endless drive, a drive to succeed, a drive to win and most of all a drive to find…something more.

The world around them changed, it flowed and rippled as if a stone had been thrown into a pond. The light softened, a table with a dark red cloth appeared and soft, slow music echoed across the now peaceful restaurant scene. They weren’t going to let the beautiful scene go to waste.

Shego thought about how stupid she must look in her suit in a nice place. Before she had a chance to finish her thought she found herself clad in a skin tight long black dress that was cut short on her right thigh and slid along her side and crisscrossing along her form was a green line. It cut from her neck to her under her shoulder to the side of her stomach and down to the end of her dress.

Kim couldn’t take her eyes off of Shego; the thief looked beautiful in that dress. Kim blushed slightly as she realized she was still in her cheerleading outfit, the tiny skirt and shirt didn’t make her feel very comfortable around her foe. Just as with the green skinned beauty her clothing changed, her shirt became longer to about the size of her mission shirt and became a deep red with a heart cut out under her throat. Her skirt became longer and looser, hanging down around her ankles and turning stark black.

They stared at each other for the longest time, un spoken feelings flowed between the two and Shego knew what she had to do, she had to do the one thing she was afraid to do in her life. She had to make the first move with Kim.

“Want to dance with me Kimmie?” Asked the sultry villainess.
The second chapter of my first ever fan fiction! I only wrote the first one yesterday but i couldn't help it! I think I like my own work...must avoid big-headedness.
If you haven't read the first chapter go back and read it or the cloaked one will get you.
I don't own anything related to Kim Possible and if I did Shego's last words in Stop Team Go would have been "I love you."
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Heh, when I was writing my first fanfic ever, I uploaded three chapters in 24 hours. Feeling like beating that? :D Please do. This is getting interesting, KiGo, and with a flavour of philosophy. Me like!
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