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<copperplate gothic bold>Light and Darkness
Chapter One

When the first Light flared so too was the first Shadow cast.

He stood atop the concrete spire of this new world, how pathetic it looked, hundreds going about there business with no sense of how they fit into the grand tapestry of creation. Where others saw a city full of light he saw only the darkness to come. He leapt from the tip of the skyscrapers tallest point and watched as the ground rushed up to meet him.

"The dark has come to your world," were the only words he spoke as he slid into the shadow cast by the building with a haunting smirk on his face.

The Light casts out all Darkness

She could see all the darkness of the city, it must be vanquished! It was her duty to destroy the Dark where ever she found it and she would do just that in this new world, she would find the source and cast it back into oblivion!

She spread her wings and held her shining blade aloft and spoke only this before she disappeared in a brilliant flash, “The Light will purge the Dark from your land!”

“Possible!” shouted Mr. Barkin who was substituting the new Philosophy course at Middleton High, “Why do you save the world!”

Kim Possible, the red headed, beautiful teenage heroine who saves the world almost daily answered, “Because it’s the right thing to do.”

“What makes it right? Don’t you destroy a lot of stuff on your missions?” Barkin asked, his voice taking on an uncharacteristic calmness.

The class turned to Kim and her sidekick, the blond and goofy Ron Stoppable looked down right confused. “How can you ask that Mr. B? It just is, after all KP couldn’t just let the bad guys win.”

“Stoppable! If you think you’re so smart why don’t you answer this question; what makes them bad?”

“Well, they steal, lie, cheat, break stuff and blow stuff up duh,” Ron said with an air of absolute confidence.

“And how many of the worlds greatest ‘heroes’ have done just that? How many times have you done that?”

Barkin and Ron continued to argue but Kim noticed now of this; she had started thinking about if what she did really was right. How many henchmen had she injured? How many lairs had she destroyed? Oh my god! Those lairs were people’s homes! She had no idea how long she sat there thinking about the ‘righteousness’ of her missions but when the bell came at the end of the day she was the most confused hero on the planet. She said a quick goodbye to Ron started to head home. Being a hero meant she did the right thing, didn’t it? The teenage heroine hardly said two words that night, lucky for her Mr. and Mrs. Possible were to busy dealing with the fact that Jim and Tim had somehow converted their classroom’s television into a fusion reactor earlier that day.

She dropped down on to her bed and stared at the ceiling. “It can’t be wrong to destroy the bad guy’s stuff can it? I mean they know that I’m going to when they build it.” The red head just lay there trying to work out a real answer.

At 12:45 am she still hadn’t, she’d always feel like she was getting close but then it would slip away. When sleep finally did take her she dreamt of villains screaming that she was the monster that took their property and destroyed their homes.

On the other side of Middleton another, slightly older women was lying awake wondering another topic that was perhaps even more confusing; love. Shego the raven haired and pale green skinned super thief held her plasma charged hand in front of her. “Damn it Kimmie, I can’t stop think about you.” Shego decided to do what she always did when she couldn’t sleep; she got up and started walking to a place she loved to go. “She’s a hero, she’d just freak out if I told her how I felt…” Shego sighed as she ran her finger through her hair, “She’s probably straight anyway…probably spending the night with her sidekick.” Bitterness dripped from her voice as she added that last part.

Twenty minutes of stealthy travel later Shego stood in the tree outside of the most dangerous place in the world. Most dangerous place for a villain at least; Kim Possible’s bedroom. She stood there for what felt like hours, she wasn’t with the buffoon, Shego’s heart fluttered at the thought. She’d never let him touch her would she? No. They didn’t feel that way about each other. But how did Kim feel about her?

With one long sigh the thief leapt from the tree and quietly made her way back to Drakken’s latest lair.

“She’d never love me…”

The glowing angel stood before the cloaked figure.

“How dare you come here!” she screamed as she pointed her sword at his throat.

“Now, now, no need to raise your voice,” the cloaked man said as he smirked, “It’s a free world ain’t it?”

“You know well enough that this is a world of Light!” the angel screamed as her sword shone brightly.

The void around her would not brighten, “I beg to differ.” His cloak fanned out behind him and within the angel saw darkness beyond darkness. “This world is just as Dark as it is Light.”

“That must be your doing!” she screamed as she lunged forward with every intention to strike.

“Oh please.” The dark man said as he slid to the side. “I am no fool, you are the converter here, and I merely reveal the truth.”

And with those cryptic words he stepped into the shadows and vanished. The cry of anger from the shining angel tore through the void, as if seeking some evil to destroy.

Shego ducked the punch from the sythodrone and proceeded to split it down the middle with a plasma covered karate chop. A second drone began to move towards her but found itself with out a head after a quick flare of plasma.

“No more drones doc, I want something better to fight!” Shego shouted as she sent forth a wave of green plasma that destroyed everything in the room and charred the walls a dark black.

“Shego! I don’t have anything better! All the henchmen are scared of you and my mutant life forms just whimper and run when they see you!” the blue skinned mad scientist screamed at his mercenary sidekick.

Shego just scoffed in reply and walk out, “I’m taking a vacation Dr. D.”

“But Shego!”

“No buts doc, after the whole ‘operation gerkin’ deal I deserve one!” the fact that Drakken had taken her away from Kimmie just to open a stupid jar had really put her in a bad mood and she wasn’t going to listen to him.

Hurrying to her room she grabbed her bag, filled only things that she’d leave in a place that her Pumpkin might blow up at any moment and ran to her green and black jet. She could see Drakken yelling at her as she took off but she really couldn’t care less, he didn’t have a plan and he didn’t need her right now, which meant to bonus for finishing a mission for him.

Kim was still lying on her bed; it was Saturday so it didn’t matter that much. “I need someone else’s opinion.” She said to herself, Barkin’s question had really gotten to her. Who could she ask? Her friends would just say she did the right thing without even looking at the problem, her family would do the same and villains would just start attacking her except maybe…no that was too crazy…or was it?

“Wade,” Kim said as she picked up her Kimmunicator. “I need to find Shego.”

Naturally the twelve year old computer genius was a bit taken back, “Uh sure Kim, why?”

“I just kinda do.”

“Okay…” Wade quickly did a worldwide search for the super thief, “Looks like she’s in an apartment not far from your place, want me to call Ron?”

“No…” Ron wouldn’t understand this.

Wade sent Kim the coordinates and even offered her a ride. Kim turned it down; she had to do this herself. She had to understand the dark side of heroics.

Shego was lying on her bed in her apartment, she had to have a place that Kimmie wasn’t going to destroy so that she could relax and look over her old pictures and keep her clothes. Those cat suits aren’t cheap, she thought as she looked over her bedroom. Green and black was everywhere; black lamp with a green shade, a dark green bed with black pillows, black carpet with a green rug and her favorite part, the ceiling was painted in the same pattern she had on her trademark outfit. Naturally Shego had set up all sorts of alarms so that she’d never be caught unaware; there wasn’t a part of the place that wasn’t under the watchful eyes of hidden security cameras.

Even within the privacy of her apartment Shego still cautiously scanned the room before she reached behind her bed and revealed a small black wooden box. She sat there looking at it as a hundred different emotions swirled about in her brain. Whenever she looked at that box she felt lonely, desperate, sad and hopeless but when she opened it those feelings of doubt and self pity vanished. As she traced the curve of Kim’s hair in the tiny half burnt photo she felt only one thing. Love, a love so deep and filling that she could do nothing but smile and lay back on her bed with that photo held against her chest.

Shego spent an hour like that and she put the photo back in its chest and the chest back into its place.

“You are so pathetic Shego….You just obsess of that picture! You never do anything about it!” Shego could feel tears coming as she said those words but she wouldn’t let herself cry, instead she slammed her plasma covered fist into her mirror and watched as the shards melted and dropped to the floor.

“Okay this is weird.” As far as Kim could tell it was an ordinary apartment building, no death traps, no lasers and stranger still, no sign of Drakken. Normally when Shego was stealing something Drakken would be screaming for her to hurry or at the least taunting Kim.

Kim walked up to the intercom, half expecting to see the door smashed down or the lock picked but there was nothing out of the ordinary. Kim looked down the list of tenants until she saw the name she was looking for. S. Go. It couldn’t be this easy could it? The teen heroine reached up and held the talk button.

The buzzing of the door bell shocked Shego from her self loathing. No one ever visited her; it had to be something bad! She dashed over to her security station and her mind couldn’t understand what she was seeing.

My first ever Kigo Fan fact this is my first real fan fiction at all.
I swear that the whole Light and Dark thing will make sense in later chapters....which nice comments will make me write faster!
No flaming or Shego will flame you!

Also, i don't own anything from Kim Possible and you can bet that if i did the series would have had a very different main couple!!
crud1991 Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2007
This is awesome, better than mine anyway.
Varmus Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2007
Fav'd! It's really interesting, as you dared to ask a question that no-one really thinks about. Plus it's well-written, no misspells or something like that, which is a big +.

So, when you'll post the next chapter?


This all Light and Darkness reminds me a bit of Nightwatch and Daywatch. :D
WhiteWolf-of-theSnow Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2007
Thank you, I don't know when i'll post the next one but you nice comment has sped up the writing process
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