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Light and Darkness
Chapter Three
Kim stared at the hand Shego had extended. This was unbelievable! Shego was asking her to dance! Kim never dreamed about Shego and she was pretty sure that if she did they would be fighting not dancing…had their talk had that much effect on her?

With her hand held out to her Princess Shego felt like she’d jumped for an edge and as Kim just stared at her, she felt like she missed. Even in her dreams Kim didn’t want to be with her, she may as well just give up on the red head…

Shego was about to bring her hand back and turn away when she felt a warmth; Kim had taken her hand and was smiling.

“I’d love to dance with you Shego.” Kim said as she moved forward and wrapped her arms around the thief’s neck. She’d earned a little fun in her life; even if it was just a dream she wasn’t going to miss this chance.

Shego was nearly dumbstruck. Without ever thinking about it her arms found their way around Kim’s waist and she had started to guide the teen through a slow dance. Shego couldn’t breathe, she couldn’t think, all she could do was stare into Kim’s eyes. She knew it was a dream and she never wanted to wake.

She was the thief and yet in just a few moments, Kim had stolen her heart.

Kim loved the feeling of being this close to Shego without the risk of sudden impact. The feeling of the older woman’s arms around her made Kim feel oddly safe, she knew how dangerous Shego was and that meant she knew how safe she was in her arms. She lent into Shego and laid her head on her shoulder. She was safe.

Her heart had stopped the moment Kim had moved closer and Shego wanted nothing more then to stay there forever. She stopped dancing and she decided upon the only thing she could do.

Kim looked up quizzically when Shego stopped and found her staring back into her eyes; Kim watched the thief’s lips getting closer and closer….

Shego lent forward and gently pressed her lips against Kim’s. The kiss was soft and long with both women lost in their thoughts; this felt so right, no matter what the world would say. This was right.

An echoing, ear piercing beep tore through the world they had come to love and all around them it shattered. As they fell through the darkness, their moment of love ruined, they reached out to each other to no avail.

Shego had tears in her eyes as she screamed, “Kimmie!”

Kim felt a sorrow she’d never known as she cried, “Shego!”

Let them fear the Dark, fear will ward away those not fit.

His plan had gone far better then I believed it would, he had expected friendship not…

He smiled beneath his cloak. This was going well.

Sitting straight up in bed Kim turned off her alarm and sighed, she was having the best dream. Running her fingers across her lips she slowly got ready for the day. She’d decided that she was going to visit Shego again today, dream or no dream. Kim felt like she was going to faint. She’d kissed Shego. Even if it was just a dream it still made her feel so out of place. She and Ron had been dating for awhile and she loved him or at least she thought she did… why did she think that? Why would she doubt something so clear?

Sighing again as she left the shower she reached for her mission clothes, her black belly top and cargo pants. She was determined to at least get a kick out of this and she could only imagine Shego’s face when she arrived at her home looking like this.

Shego couldn’t lift her face from her pillow, why did she have to wake up? She was happy in that dream, so happy and she had finally done what she’d always wanted to. She’d danced with Kimmie…kissed Kimmie… She had no idea what to do with herself now, she’d felt what it was like to be with her Princess and she could never go back to the way it was before.

Her arm slowly found its way behind her bed and pulled free the tiny box that held as much emotion for the woman as anything in her home did. She slowly lifted the lid and paused. Why did she have to settle for just that picture? Kim had come to her home of her on free will and that had to mean something. Slowly but surely Shego got out of bed and made her way to the shower.

Wearing a hunter green tank top and black jeans she could only imagine Kim’s face when she arrived at her home looking like this.

When there is no Light be fearful for it is only an eclipse.

This was wrong! His cloak flowed behind him as he paced. The Light was gone! It couldn’t be good… By now she should have been at his throat for what he’d done yet there was not a word, not a whisper, not a movement!

“What is she planning?” He wondered as he mentally prepared for the pummeling of a lifetime.

Shego was beyond nervous; she was outside of the Possible home in broad daylight! Every instinct she had was telling her to break for cover and hide but some part of her refused to listen to her inner thief. She was here and she had a job to do! Preparing for anything she reached out to the front door and knocked.

“We’ll get it!” Came the freakishly synchronized cry of the tweebs. Kim couldn’t believe she was still here, her dad needed help with some experimental transmitter and she had to hold it up.

Kim nearly dropped the three million dollar device as her brothers ran upstairs screaming something about a scary death touch lady. Wait, death touch lady? Oh no…

The first encounter with Kim’s family had gone just as Shego had expected; running and screaming. She rolled her eyes and waited for someone else to answer to the door. This was going as well as she had thought it would.

She couldn’t believe her eyes! Shego! In a tank top! It hadn’t even sunk in that her arch foe was standing in her doorway; she was to busy staring at Shego’s exotic beauty. Wait! Exotic beauty? What’s up with your head these days Kim? She thought to herself as her father found his way over.

“Kimmie, who is it?” He asked with a pair of dark goggles still on his forehead from working with his machine.

“My name’s Shego Mr. Possible.” The thief’s calm tone was unnerving to the teen, since when was Shego polite? “Maybe you remember me from the time my brother was looking for Kim’s help or even last week.”

“Oh yes, did you go back to the circus? I heard you left Kim’s school, pity too, Kimmie wouldn’t stop talking about your class.”

The last part caught Shego’s interest. “Something like that… But I’m on vacation now.”

The last part caught Kim’s interest. “Vacation?”

“Yeah, after the deal with my brothers I needed some time off.”

All of this was going over Mr. Possible’s head so he excused himself and let the two girls talk. For one moment both of the enemies thought only of what they had dreamt that night before they drifted back to reality.

“Um… Shego, were you serious about the vacation thing?” Asked a very confused heroine.

“Yeah actually I was, Drakken is planless and I don’t feel like hanging out in some dank lair for awhile.” And I wanted to be with you, she added in her mind.

“Then why aren’t you on some private island or Paris or something? Why come here?”

“I was thinking about what you said and you’re right, we don’t need to be enemies all the time.” Kim must be going crazy because it sounded like Shego just called a truce. “I guess I came here to builds some bridges…”

Okay Kim was going nuts. Shego was in her home, in normal clothes and asking to be friends!

The half glazed look Kim was giving her was making Shego nervous. She was taking a huge chance in coming here and she wasn’t sure if she was going to get anything out of it. Maybe she should cut her losses and leave…

Any doubts she had were lost forever as Kim threw her arms around the older woman. Shego’s breath caught in her throat and without thinking her arms found their way around Kimmie. How did this girl keep striking Shego senseless? Shego could feel an extra weight on her as Kim’s head came forward and rested in the hollow of her neck. Shego leant forward and breathed deep Kim’s scent, how many times had she smelt it as they fought? How many times had she gone to sleep wishing that the source was lying next to her? How could she ever live without this girl?

Kim couldn’t believe it; it was like all her wishes had come true, her greatest enemy wanted to be her friend. The possibilities were endless, Shego might change sides, she might be a hero again and she might even go back to the way she was when she was Miss Go. The red head sighed into the older woman’s neck and smiled to herself.

“Kim’s got a girlfriend!” And thus the moment was lost as the tweebs screamed into their megaphones. Couldn’t they just give them some peace? Shego sighed as she felt Kim pull away.

“Tweebs!” Screamed the angry teen as the two major annoyances ran for their lives.

“So Pumpkin, want to get some dinner tonight?” Asked Shego to which the only answer was a stunned stare from Kim, “What?”

Kim shook off her shock, “Sorry, it’s just gonna take some time for me to adjust to this sitch, I’d love to go to dinner with you!” Shego’s heart skipped a beat as she heard the joy in Kim’s voice, “I’ll call Ron and we’ll meet you later.”

Of course she’d bring the buffoon into this, but for dinner with Kimmie she’d put up with him, “Right, buffoon boy.”

“Shego! Try and be nice!”

“I’m letting him come aren’t I?”

Kim rolled her eyes to that. It would be less of a shock for Ron if he knew in advance that she and Shego were friends again, “How ‘bout we meet you here at seven?”

“Alright Princess,” sighed Shego. “Just don’t forget to bring his leash, bye.” Said Shego as she headed out the door.

Kim pouted as she watched the older woman go.

Shego was ecstatic as she walked back to her apartment; she was going out to dinner with Kim Possible!
Chapter three for those very few people who are reading my Kigo fic.

Shego and Kim friends?!!?!?!?!...didn't that happen in Stop Team Go? Am I just ripping off ideas? Not unless there was alot of repressed love in Stop Team Go ^_^

Don't own anything from Kim Possible and if I did Ron would have stayed the goofy sidekick instead of the love interest.
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crud1991 Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2007
I agree with the fact in your authors comment that Ron should of stayed the goofy sidekick, KiGo forever.
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I hawe read this story over and over agen and it just... just... I can't find words to describe how Good it is... I can't wait ot read/se what will happen next... I love this story
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You are now my favorite reader!!!!
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thank u...
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